Are you ready?

This is Thinking Cap Day! Do you have LOTS Of scraps?

orphan blocks?

Odd crumb blocks?
little bits of strings?

Would you like to be BLESSED by these things? How about a quilt? I have a proposition for you! (no, not THAT kind! This is a CLEAN BLOG! remember that, please!! hehehehe!)

I am working on using these scraps in MY sewing room , as a friend put it, to BLESS me with a quilt. Want to play along? You need to think about this now! Do you need another project? How about a leaders and enders project? I will post Mr Linky later (when I figure him OUT!) and you can sign up then. If you post your scrappy goodness progress 3 times, I will send you a square of 

THIS fabric. I'm naming my quilt (are you ready? Its the reason I LOOKED and LOOKED for this fabric!)

Everything AND the Kitchen sink!

(I know! I'm SO clever!)
I'm off to play in my scraps, sew my ONE seam on the blueberry stacked bricks (I'm paying attention to my UFO, Lise...PROMISE!) and get some beds made. (our exchange student moves in today,I THINK!)


AMW said…
Oh, I might be interested in this. I'll check back for details...
Chocolate Cat said…
Pleased to hear your blueberries are being worked on!!!!

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