slow Sunday

What do you get when you have had a CHALLENGING weekend (20 teens at your house till after midnight doing something called 'Epic Mealtime' -TRUST me! Its nothing that a normal human being would eat. BUT, they did and they left a messy house/kitchen/stain on my log cabin design rug and 3 shot glasses of congealed bacon grease in my refrigerator. Seems they were gonna do bacon grease shots. :::Shudder:::. IF this happens again, it will be a once a year thing. Oh, and the rug will be safely stowed under my long arm!), Then feeding the 7 that stayed the night. Yesterday I had my long arm chapter meeting. It was closer to my house this time, so was not a HUGE time drain. I enjoyed it and came home ready to do a bit of sewing. (You will see THAT progress tomorrow on Design Wall Monday). So, I wake up with a headache. I have been a 'tolerant' mom, so what do I get for my troubles?


Oh, You think he looks cute? (well, he IS that!) You think he looks MILD? (well NOW he is!) He is sleeping now. But with a headache and 2 sleeping teenagers..he was a WILD MAN! He is going home with his mom this week. She has been deployed since August and just arrived stateside on Tuesday. He has been with us since last February, so almost a year. I WILL miss him...just not that noisy on a Sunday morning with a headache!


Angie said…
Ah Beth that pup is adorable---and you WILL miss him---it's the hoards of teenagers that would force me to leave home. LOL

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