Where do ideas come from??!

Do you ever think about how you get a great idea? I was happily watching the baseball playoffs, washing dishes...OK..NOT HAPPILY washing dishes! You get the picture. I THOUGHT I was thinking about baseball...then BAM! A great idea!I am wondering if my brain is off on its own tangent and does not clue me in...HMMMM!
I don't use up spices very often, hence not many empty bottles.
This week I made my 1st batch of chili for the season.
(Hey! My family is NOT excited about chili in July when its
a gaZILLION degrees. I'm just sayin'!)
The last tablespoon of chili powder was used and a new one opened.
The old one sat on the counter a few days and then I washed it.

BAM! its a great size....and...wait for it...

There are already holes to put the needles in! Just pop the lid open and
in the needle goes. love it!
Just for that great idea, I'm gonna let my brain take the rest of the day off...
except when I'm driving on the freeway of course!


Anonymous said…
What a great idea!
Hi Beth...awesome idea. i just love it. Perfect to keep by the sewing machine!
I hope you can share this post at my Sew Darn Crafty linking party. It starts tomorrow!
Thanks for emailing me!
mary said…
great idea, I use a used pill bottle, but the holes in that top are much more ingenious
CeLynn said…
Thanks for sharing your great idea! Now to use up some spices...

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