Real Studio Tour week 3

Here is my working studio! Note: I LIKE it better cleaned up, but it seems like whenever I am REALLY working in here, it looks pretty much like this. I am hoping to have a clean/organize/use up leftover batting/make dog beds/ list UFOs on Jan 1st...there is no hope that it will look better, but maybe I will be able to vacuum-JUST ONCE! lol

My obligations, minus some tshirt quilts and quilting on two others that I previously promised, have been quilted and delivered. I am free to work on my own, and one other, side by side from now on. I feel a weight lifted!

Here is my happy mess!
Just inside the door is the design wall. Behind the door (it started to close, so didn't show in the picture!), a holder for fusibles and interfacings.

going around the room, here is the sewing table. My Bernina and serger (just behind the back of the chair) are up all the time. I made a small ironing pad to sit on the drawer (with a small green Olfa mat on it in the picture. It just sits on an open drawer.

Above the serger are two type setting drawers for thread and dodads. I love the
color and easy access. The book holder came from a favorite craft store as it was
going out of business. ::; sniff:::

Opposite wall from the design wall, is my cutting table. Its a Formica countertop left over from a
previous quilting system. Its held up with tables found in the 'as is' section of IKEA. Also 2 dressers tucked underneath. The counter top does not sit on the dressers, so large templates are stored there.
Cutting table: melamine board covered with ironing board, telescoping legs for height adjustment from IKEA. Underneath, wire cubes for fabric storage are perfect size for plastic cubes.

Jane's room. This is where my Innova, Jane, lives. my friend came over today to quilt
a t-shirt quilt for her son for Christmas, so she is not ready to play!
PLENTY of storage underneath and in the closet I cannot get to!
Thank  you for stopping by my blog and be sure to head over to Vicki Welsh's blog
to see more REAL Studios!
(PS its a STUDIO because REAL WORK happens there!
I'm just sayin'!)


Definitely envy you the typesetting shelves - those have so many uses! Like you, I have furniture under furniture - sure does help with finding places for storage!
Vicki W said…
That little cutting/ironing set up you have next to your machine is fantastic. I have a small cutting board that I can put next to the machine but I have to turn around and stand up to iron. A little mini iron and small pressing surface next to me would be great.
Thanks for showing us around!
Kathleen Wilson said…
I have always wanted those typesetting shelves but haven't found any. Love your space. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I like your ironing board set on the drawer next to your machine. I think I even have a covered board I could do this with. Great idea! Would fit perfectly on the drawer next to my machine.

Thanks for sharing your space!
Sharon - IN said…
Nice space! I have a type setting draw that I used to display thimbles. It is not hanging up in my current space. I like how you are using yours for thread! Very pretty!
Teri said…
Love the pictures. That is exactly how mine looks.

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