Celtic Solstice week 5

And I thought I would be caught up by now! Silly girl! Don't you know the dogs need in out in out in out in out...the teen needs food RIGHT NOW...and then again in 20 mins? And the DH...well he does leave to play golf , etc, but he needs clothes for a trip he said he had enough for...and EVERYBODY wants dinner! Whats up with that? Dont' they know I have a bazillion pieces to sew? I think I see a crock pot dinner in my future. Of course that is AFTER I shop for the food! lol  I am thinking I am happy I didn't decide to do the larger size. I am feeling overwhelmed as it is!
 As you can see, I have lots of every unit, except week 5.
I had only made enough HST for the pinwheels, so I had to go back
and make those.

I am kinda ADD when I sew, and I seem to do best when I am working
on more than one thing at a time. Not sure how that works, but
there it is! Oh..I forgot one area of finished units...brb
All the pinwheels are sewn, just pressing a few at at time.
I dont seem to get the swirled center as nice on these as the
four patches.
So..there it is...I am slogging along. I think today I will start cutting my neutrals
for clue 5. I hope to finish ALL of at least ONE CLUE today!
(hey! its a goal! lol)
Be sure to head over to Bonnie's to
see all the Celtic Solstice progress
And to Judy L's for all the
design wall fun!


Barb in Mi said…
I am in the same boat: slightly overwhelmed and no step 5 started yet. But it looks so beautiful and we'll all get there!
Happy sewing in 2014!
Andee said…
Your mystery is looking good!
Sharon said…
Looks great! And why does life always have to intervene?
Cherry said…
Hang in there! If all else fails - had the DH the laundry basket & an iron and order a few extra large pizzas for the teen - it should hold him for at least the better part of a day. The dogs will always need Mom to let them out in, out in, out in - no matter who else is home.
Connie said…
Your work looks great! Once your machine is back put on a crock pot dinner and have fun!
Andee said…
Saw your comment on Angela (soscrappy's) blog and wanted to tell you I too was sewing in my crazy messy quilting studio watching Downton Abbey last night! And I was working on Celtic Solstice and then the rainbow BOM, and I live in AZ. We just have too much in common not to wave at you!

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