Celtic Solistice mystery week 1!

I am multitasking this week, so I have only cut. I usually cut some
and then sew some. HOWEVER, I get off track and distracted and tired of the whole process.
This time I am trying to stay with the cutting until I am DONE.  I have
all the neutrals and oranges cut with about half the blues done.
OOOH, I am just ITCHING to sew them...BUT!!!
I have this to piece/border/quilt/ bind
Its a memory quilt. the blocks are shirts, the tan -khaki pants , and the dark -a pair of
dk gray chinos. I will finish these blocks today.
OH..and I'm prepping 2 quilts for the mail AND quilting a quilt I want to deliver
on Thursday.
Can you say MULTITASKING...and ADD quilter!
I better get going!


TLC said…
Multi-tasking is great to keep our brains exercised. ;o) Enjoy your Celtic Solstice journey.
Andee said…
Your mystery is looking good. I too am a multitasking quilter!

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