With the help of FlyLady and my timer, my procrastination attempts are shorter and easier to deal with..but there is always ONE area that needs help! Do you have this problem? I can do one load of laundry (sometimes TWO) and put them away, I can unload the dishwasher promptly, dust and vacuum a room quickly, clean the bathrooms in less than 5 mins each....but what stops me in my tracks? FOLDING SHEETS! Usually I wash them and put them right back on the bed, but this time of year, we usually change from woven sheets to knit. Flannel is too heavy for me...I toss and turn, get hot , then cold and the weight of the flannel is a bit much. The knit,however, is perfect! It does not feel as cold as woven when you 1st get in and the weight is light but warm. So what is the problem? I didn't fold those woven sheets I took OFF the bed.       aHEM......they are folded now. The IRONY (other than those sheets were WRINKLY??? lol) It took me all of THREE minutes to fold them! I better get friendlier with my timer!


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