REAL Studio Tour, Week 2

Good morning, Friday!
I have been busy all week and today, after a few
normal household chores,
can PLAY! YIPPEEE!Oh!...Then I get to go out
into the night to a soccer game...not close to my house AND cold!
I need to remember these nights for retrieval in July! HA!
Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber is having week two of her
REAL Studio Tour. She asked for storage ideas.
I have two today: one tried and true I use ALL the time and a new one.
HERE is the new one:
Its a tool storage chest, just like the red ones from Sears you remember from...well
forEVER. But now in bright spanking colors for the
female DIYer!
Mine is in my long arm room and holds thread , templates, tools and all the 'stuff' I need.
My family is still shocked that I picked lime green instead of blue, but that is the way I roll at
the moment. Maybe I should make a lime green and blue quilt and get BOTH!

My tried and true?
cubes made of these wire panels

i have a whole set of them tucked under my ironing stations (melamine board cut at Home Depot with telescoping legs set at JUST the right height for me from Ikea).
They are the perfect size for square plastic cubes.
I have another bank of them just around the corner, but ...well...
aHEM!...they are COVERED in projects , and so will be shown at a later date!
Be sure to check out all the other great studio ideas over at Vicki's!


patty a. said…
Love your green storage chest! I have always wanted one of those, but they are a bit pricy. Did you get yours at Sears?
Kathy said…
Love your green tool chest, a must for any longarmer!
Quiltdivajulie said…
My husband is considering handing off one of his well-worn red tool chests as part of my Christmas present - I knew I would paint it, but WOW, I love your lime green! Who sells them in bright colors?
Vicki W said…
The lime green cabinet is awesome!!
Millie said…
oh holy carp!!! I love the green cart! I gotta go check those out!
elle said…
ooh! What can I throw out sew I can have one of those green machines! Luv it!
I'm definitely green with envy over that tool cabinet! I have wanted one of those for years and don't have space for one. Now that I know they come in wonderful colours, I want one even more!!
Sharon - IN said…
I love that tool chest from Sears! I saw them last year when Christmas shopping with hubby and said he could be one for me. Hasn't happened yet tho! Looks like you have a great lay out in your studio!
LA Paylor said…
good choice on the "neutral" lime green!! Always a favorite of mine
LeeAnna Paylor

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