I'm Sorry

What am I sorry for?
People who don't like Cilantro!
I LOVE it! I am like a cat with catnip.
Just say the word and I start salivating!

ESP in a big bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup.
My friend, Linda, made a big pot of Chicken Tortilla soup when were
in Cambria a couple weekends ago. I neglected to get her recipe and was
too impatient to wait to get it from her. I thought I had remembered that
The Pioneer Woman had one on her site. Sure enough she did.
I printed it out to take to the grocery store and LOOK what happened!?

A GORGEOUS bowl of soup!
I used Tortilla strips, fresh chopped cilatro,
sour cream, shredded cheese.
and fresh pico de gallo as toppings.

Sorry you missed it!
(I am currently making a double batch to take to my
media team tonight..wanna help us eat it up?? lol)

Here is the link if you want to rustle up a pot of your own:


Sophie said…
Hi, I discover your amazing blog today... There would be a lot to say about crafts... But I post this comment because of my love for cilantro.
Thanks for your nice and interesting posts !

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