clutter and quilt finishes!

What does clutter do to you? I mean, it does not reach out and HIT me...well, sometimes things DO fall on me! Clutter stresses me OUT! Our son , Mr C  (not Sports Guy, he just started his senior yr in hs...:-D ), will be marrying the beautiful Miss Katy on Sept 7th. The wedding is local to us, but not at our house. (WHEW!). HOWEVER! Our house will be hosting over night guests (my parents) and out of town dinner (and other meals I imagine!) over the course of about a week.  I have been WORKING diligently, on many small projects, hot spots and general DIRT for over a month. It looks ALOT better! AND I will be happy to have things done. Here is a baby quilt that miraculously got itself finished and mailed. (that  part was the MIRACLE! see, I'm mailing impaired!)

I had seen this done in small squares, but I had fallen in love with this jelly roll.
Instead of cutting it smaller, I resized the blocks.

close up of the floopy flower quilting.
The backing was just a TITCH to narrow. I slit it and added
more of the jelly roll strips. I like how it turned out and I still
love that fabric!
Here is a close up of the borders before quilting.
That fabric so busy, no quilting shows up anyway!
Back soon with the other 2 finishes...


fancystitching said…
Cute idea to extend the back with jelly roll strips! Love the cheerful colors in this quilt.
phxquilt said…
Sweet little quilt with a great backing!!!

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