shes HOME!

No pictures yet, as she cannot travel from her home base for 2 weeks, but Pilot Girl is back on US soil! YIPPEEEE We got a phone call from her as SOON as the plane wheels touched down at Pease AFB, New Hampshire. If you have not heard of them, check out the Pease Greeters, a group of citizens who meet EVERY plane traveling thru Pease AFB either on their way out or back from deployement. It matters not what time of day. Often they are there at 4am with flags waving! Pilot Girl said that last time they passed thru there, they were offered food, drink, choice of stuffed animal from a room FULL of them, and the best: HUGS! PG was truly touched. I just checked and no pictures of last nights arrival. I will post a link here if I see one.



sam said…
And a big fat THANK YOU to Pilot Girl for her service.

phxquilt said…
Welcome Home and thank her for her service. From a mother's perspective, thank you and your family for your service as well. Mine arrived back here on Sunday.
christine said…

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