sewing room update

I have been working on the sewing room and the long arm room off and on since the Gammill left and the Innova arrived (thru the WINDOW...can you say: stressful??) When the Gammill left, the sewing room looked like WorldWar 3 had broken out in there...or maybe a hoarder moved in! I worked on it alot today, and have made some progress:

Now you can walk in here! I might actually be able to vaccuum or clean the carpet soon.
                                                                   Floor 1st, then surfaces!
more walking area...and almost cleared out
in front of the design wall
(behind the ladder..)

Best of all: I FINALLY got my Kaleidoscope Star hung!
I thought it would take me awhile, but no...
as usual, it took me less time than I thought. I need to start a procrastination list.
One item a day or 3 a week. Think of what I could get done!
Most of the time, its just getting started thats the hard part...
I do have one more corner to tack down. I'm using Command strips that are velcro for the
wall and stitching a small piece of the fuzzy side of velcro to the back of the star.
When it was in the quilt show, the corners drooped.
I think I will try steaming it on the wall too. The middle is not as flat
as I would like.
Thanks for visiting!


fancystitching said…
LOVE the star quilt! It turned out fabulous. Kudos for getting things cleaned out... I go through stages, but never seem to make much progress. I MUST get back to FlyLady routines soon.

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