design wall monday

I have been working HARD on getting my sewing room
organized so that I can work in there fairly undistracted (HA!).
I came across 3 of these tops. I guess I had planned to use the black dot for the border.
Its not hitting me right anymore.
Any suggestions? I do have some of the dots I could piece as a border.
I was thinking maybe a border of white with random lengths of the same
width of the dot for a 2nd border.
Suggestions welcome!

close up of the Lego block with
the black dot pinned on.
Thanks for visiting!


sam said…
These look like Krazy Ikes to me rather than Legos .. but then they were toys from the '50s ... long before you were born. I want to suggest a solid border rather than more dots ... to give the eye a resting place. I love this quilt top!

PugMom said…
This quilt is great! My nephew loves Lego. Your own original design?
Queenie Believe said…
Perhaps a white on white dot boarder. Atually, I'm leaning toward no boarder at all with a pieced stripe binding? Its a really fun quilt!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
I think I would get rid of the polka dot border and instead opt for a solid black border. I think there is just too much polka dots and different patterns going around that it is making people dizzy.

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