cone holder

What do you use if you have thread that comes cross wound on a cone? Do you use a cone holder? I have one I use at home, but when I travel to class or one of my groups, I have my own homemade cone holder. Cones that are wound cross wise like this:

need a cone holder. Stacked thread , that is usually on spools of thread like this:

need to come off straight. Your sewing machine is generally set up for this type of thread.
I piece with grey thread 99% of the time.

Masterpiece is my thread of choice
followed closely by Aurifil.
I thought I bought a cone of
Tailormade, a new thread by Superior
when I was at my new owners class in Utah.
When I got home, I didn't have it, so I must not have put it my bucket!
Its poly and I would like to try it for piecing. Its
CONSIDERABLE cheaper. I will be ordering a cone or two when I see my dealer next. 
I will let you know how I like it then .
For a homemade cone holder, you will need:
-a mug that is slightly larger (or alot larger)
than your cone
-a ruler that has holes in it (it does not need to be wooden. I just happened to have one
that was wooden and had holes it it!)
-a clothes pin

put the ruler in the mug and clip it with the clothes pin

put the cone in the mug and thread the thread thru the top hole.
then thread your machine as usual.
the cone needs the thread to come off the top.
VOILA! you have just made your cone  holder!
(I bet you had everything in your house, didnt' you!?)
for more info on cross wound and stacked thread
check out this article at Superior Thread's site:


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