Lime green!

I have been eyeing the Craftsman rolling tool chest for awhile. I think one would be VERY useful by the Innova. Last week, I was in Sears to get a tool carrier to schlep around the house..when I spied ...COLORS! Did you know they come in Red (well...DUH!) HOT PINK? purple?
Even the drawer liners match!
and here I thought I was a BLUE girl!
Who knew! it must be Judy L's influence!
I will have to email her to thank her!


Judy Laquidara said…
Oh, I wish you hadn't shown me that! I love it. Now I'm thinking what I might get rid of in my sewing room so I could have room for one. Love it!
sophie said…
I didn't know they came in COLORS! I'm adding one to my wish list.
PugMom said…
I saw this in HOT PINK a few months ago at Sears and I am in love. I've been avoiding Sears like the plague now.
Jan said…
I have want a tool box for the past 20 years. I saw the Kraftman one at Christmas when we went in Sears.I told DH that that would be the perfect tool chest. I was on a disabled budget though and have to get a place rolling one.

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