I thought when we lost Rally, that maybe..just MAYBE, Rookie would not panic as badly during thunderstorms (he hates all noises of unknown origins..). Alas this is not the case. He might even be worse. Here is what I see in the middle of the night in monsoon season:

                                             Rookie tucked up under my sewing table.
                                              If I am LUCKY, he will not try to climb my body!
                                             I have tried the thundershirt, it worked better when
                                             Rally was around...I might have to ask the vet for
                                              I was up Wednesday night from 3-4:30 in the sewing room
                                                  ..then even tho the storm had passed, he would not
                                                 settle down w/o waking my DH. I went out on the
                                                 back porch and dozed in a chair till 5:30. By that time,
                                                    it was getting light and FINALLY, he settled down.
                                               I slept until around 8 am...and then I could not stand it anymore.
                                                          I needed COFFEE! lolol


Queenie Believe said…
Poor puppy! Our Callie is not a fan of thunder or firecrackers. Her favorite place to hide is in my closet, in the corner, behind the lower rack of skirts and long blouses. Poor Callie is a stress monster July through the end of monsoon season. We do give her a couple of benadryl (sp?) pills that help a bit to calm her down.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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