I"m still here!

Its official! I'm a HERMIT! I think its going to be awhile before my batteries are recharged. I have had a roller coaster of a year. All I want to do is stay home...clean house (can you believe THAT??? HEY! Its residual from the wedding...hehehehe),quilt, sew , quilt...maybe cook (I'm REALLY tired of THAT..but menu planning helps TREMENDOUSLY!)..did I say QUILT? I have a bunch to get accomplished..and I"m ready to DIVE IN...

Added to the mix is the fact that we have had horrendous cell coverage. My DH called his best friend to hash over college football the other day and I think he had his call dropped about 10 times! I did some research and found that our carrier had the same type of complaints when they were replacing cell towers elsewhere. I hope its shortlived! I will post pictures when I can...just be assured, I'm here...resting (Nap QUEEN!) and enjoying her sewing/quilting rooms.

Here is a picture of what is on one of my design walls. I just started putting it up yesterday and am still pondering how I want the blocks to look. Its right next to my computer, so I can peruse all I want!
The colors look greyed/muted, but they are leftover strips from a blueberry quilt I have on the 'to be quilted' pile. I will give you close ups as I finish the layout. The pattern is called Summer in the Park. Its a free pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I really like it and will use it again. Esp with leftover 2 1/2 strips.


Angie said…
It's wonderful to see you poke your head out---I don't blame you for wanting to stay put and play in your playhouse. :) I say go for it, girl. And I love the quilt blocks you have up---I may have to check it out.
Norma said…
Mama was a good mama and did her best. You deserve some time to yourself.......quick, before another chil decides to make a life decision. Of course, it is their life and those decisions do not affect you at all. LOVE IT! Like your quilt, but seems rather tame for you???
Norma in Mesa
Anonymous said…
I love that quilt! It's so pretty!

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