weekend trip to California for Sports Guy's soccer tournament
trip to the airport:parents
dinner for 5
trip to the airport: daughter
dinner for 6
trip to the airport:SIL
kennel dogs/have nails done
dinner for 11
brides luncheon/rehearsal/dinner for 23
wedding/reception/drive parents home in the middle
breakfast for 17+
four to the airport
find takeout:I"M NOT COOKING!
trip to the airport: parents
seeing the faces of the newlyweds:


Angie said…
Oh Beth, what a beautiful bride---and what a lot of work you've been involved in. :)
fancystitching said…
Doesn't it feel wonderful to have that BEHIND you? The couple do look radiant, and that makes all the craziness worthwhile. Now take some down-time or YOU!
phxquilt said…
Those are lovely newlyweds! It sounds as if you've been a whirling dervish! Enjoy your well-deserved rest.

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