I had high hopes for today. I have no major appointments, no hair cuts, no dentist visits. Just a normal everyday kind of day. I will still do laundry, load a quilt, pick up my son from school, feed him and deliver him to soccer practice. Its kind of overcast and it may even have rained a little. The newspaper plastic bag was wet. I went for my usual cup of coffee at the Starbucks inside the Safeway by school. I was met with bad news. One of the employees had gone home sick yesterday. She got sicker and her neighbor took her to the hospital. She had a brain anurysm and passed away in the ER. We were not best friends, never went to lunch or gabbed on the phone. But she was one of those people you meet in your everyday doing-all-your-errands that you connect with. She would stop and tell us a joke, knew our names and about our families. I LOVED her friendship!I loved hearing about her daughter and her son in the Marines. I loved commiserating with her about parenthood and middle age (she was younger than me but close). We clicked. I'm not telling you this just so you will know I"m down in the dumps, but so that you will tell those people in YOUR life, that YOU click with, that you appreciate them. I'm not close enough to the family to DO anything. We always just want to DO something, don't we? The only thing I can think of to do is to offer a memory quilt for her kids. Maybe not this week...or next month, but when they are ready. I miss Linda already.

I promise quilty pictures tomorrow.


Angie said…
Oh my God, Beth, I am so sorry! I totally empathize with you. There was a young woman here that I didn't know personally but she has 3 children, so she's 30s. She fell down some broke her neck and she died. How can such freaky 'little' accidents/illnesses take a life in one heartbeat!! I'm sending tightest of hugs to you, my friend!
Jo-Ann said…
Beth - how tragic. It shows us how fragile life is.
I can't believe ds is 14. How time flies.
Take care.

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