Monday, June 04, 2007

jacket tote continued

Flatten the bottom of the tote, lining the side seam up with the bottom seam. I measured around 3 inches from the edges on both sides and drew a line. Sew on the line at least twice. This will give your tote depth.

This is one of the sleeves....cut on the seam and the cuff removed. I squared it up and there was enough to split up the middle. I covered it around a piece of webbing to give the handles some oomph. (like my technical sewing terms!? hehehehehehehe)

Here are the completed straps. I kept the apples in there..I don't know why. Just seemed right.

I found a resonable match to the color and made a facing. Basically just a straight piece of fabric...interfaced and edges finished. Sewed it around the top sandwiching in the handle. I centered them ...took a couple of tries before I was happy. Ironed the facing down.

Hand stitched along the zipper.

It was not cooperating in staying I just fused it a bit with pieces of original fusable (can you say ANCIENT???? lolol) The bottom of the bag is a big 'baggy' so I may decide to interface the sides and bottom if the inserted bottom is not enough.

One last touch. I decided to put a button with a loop of elastic at the top of the zipper. I doubt if I will use that zipper much, but really didnt' want to take out . The button will help keep that stable.

VOILA! new tote! I will show you the bottom stablizer when I get it made. I looked at some premade lucite ones, but none of their sizes fit. Drat!


Tanya said...

Very cute bag and very creative on your part! I used to have a jacket that I would have liked to have made a bag like yours, but it is long gone now. I'll remember your tutorial!

Ann said...

How cute is that? I love it. Thanks for sharing the how-to! It turned out great.

Beth said...

Very nice tote and thanks for the tutorial!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great idea, being a big op shopper I think that's a great use for an old loved jacket, well done! Tracey

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well loved as a jacket, why not as a tote? Great job!

Rose Marie said...

What a great idea for a tote. Won't you have fun telling your story when someone comments on your tote!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

How smart you are! Most of the work is already done then you turn it into a bag. Great idea-not to mention the total greatness of the recycling effort as well.