Do you see a pattern?

Here is a small collection of fabrics...I have been adding to it from time to time. I am thinking of making something small, but I have not ONE idea! Does this pile suggest a pattern to you?

Last night I was having trouble sleeping...I ended up thinking about this Susan Branch fabric I purchased a week or so ago. Now I did not have a PLAN for just followed me home! (After I purchased it of COURSE..hehehehehe) It is hard to see the sayings. My two favorites are "Chocolate...not just for breakfast anymore" and "Housework, when done correctly, CAN kill you". I think it needs to be a vest..but of COURSE I will need a few fabrics to go with :::grin:::: I have a design in mind..and a NEW UFO is born! YIPPEEEE!


Angie said…
I don't know about a pattern for that fabric yet, Beth, but I DO know that it's soooo pretty! Is it one certain line or just different fabrics that grabbed your attention? It is so lovely!!!
Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog.

I like your future UFO. Like I always say, it won't go bad on the shelf and you'll get around to finishing it.

I've got a few myself. Pretty similar fabrics.
Now that fabric does not look like you! I am used to you using bright colors!!!
Linda said…
What beautiful fabrics, I immediately think of Leanne's House designs, but then I love quilts with embroidery..
Gorgeous fabrics, and I love the Chocolate, not just for breakfast anymore saying, It's about time people realised that!!! Tracey
Shelina said…
That is all pretty fabric, and you are right it will make a very nice vest.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love the Susan Branch fabric, I have only seen it online though, not in person yet, I hope to see some soon, it's great. Your collected fabrics are pretty together but no pattern jumps out at me.

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