The camera that was AWOL has been FOUND! WHEW! Just in time for a family outing starting on Friday. I was not happy about having to purchase a new one...esp since I love this one so..AND I know how to use it! lolol I'm ashamed to say it was under HEAPS of debris in the back of my mini van. I'm about ready to PUNT that vehicle. I do love to be able to haul stuff around, BUT, I'm ready for something smaller, more fuel efficient, and , well...SPORTIER. That said, I do love to sit up a bit higher, so I may have to rethink the 'sporty' comment. Its also not my turn for a different vehicle, so all this is moot.

Just so this post is not picture-less, here are some cacti pictures I took at the Sonoran Desert Museum near Tucson at spring break.

This is a normal variation of the traditional saguaro cactus. You usually see them with the big arms skyward.
This is a cactus on its way out. The spines eventually bend over or fall flat on the desert floor.

this is a century plant. I think they CAN live up to a century, but once they bloom, they die. the one on the right is blooming. The one on the left HAS bloomed. I believe they belong to the agave family. I may have something quilty/sewing to post tomorrow, but dont' keep your fingers coossed...I am up to my armpits in cleaning house. Ick ICk ICK


Amelia said…
Enjoyed the cacti pics.

Have a great week!

Amelia in Oklahoma
Gina said…
I love the pictures. The first one looks like a camel's head. Or is it just me?

love and hugs xxx
Moneik said…
So glad you found your camera! We had to get a new one last night as ours went bad.
Norma said…
Hey, when ya finish the house, come on over! Mine looks like a bomb hit! LOL

Glad you found the lost camera........DD's mini van eats things like that all the time, mostly her cell phone.

What is the Friday outing?
Tanya said…
Such different scenery than you see in my area but very interesting in a stark, beautiful way!
Norma said…
I tagged you but if ya don't want to do it, just ignore it.
Darcy said…
Hi, I just made the plunge last month and FINALLY traded in my minivan for a little zippy red (my fave color) car, yay! I have to say it was a great decision, love my new car! I don't lose anything in it and things don't tend to accumulate as much in my new G6...so once you decide to make the change, you will be happy, believe me!

Love your blog, quilty friend!
Niki said…
Hello, from mesa az! I have a new blog just for quilters if you'd like to join us. http://justusquilters.blogspot.com/
Amalee Issa said…
ooh I hope that's me who appears on yr visitor map as yr latest blog reader from the UK!


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