Why does Murphy seem to live at my house?

Does this happen to you? We have garbage and recycle pick up in our town once a week. We have a big tan wheelie can for the garbage and a big green wheelie can for the recyclables. Now I have trouble remembering to put them out the night before (really you are supposed to put them out at 6 am..but I REFUSE to get up that early JUST for the garbage!!), so usually I put them out as I'm taking my kiddo to school (NOT at 6am...). Now on the days I put it out at taxi time...I usually have missed one of the pickups. It comes that early...BUT on the days, I DO remember to put it out the night before? They dont' come around till about 5 PM! HOW DO THEY KNOW? Does someone sit outside my neighborhood...and check to see if my cans are out? I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. I guess I just need to mark the calendar the day before pickups with a HUGE RED MARKER. No reason I could not put them out....say....the MORNING of the day before? Think they would come the day AFTER pick up day in that case?

Sorry to not have anything quilty...I have misplaced my camera. I'm afraid I took it to sewing class. If that it the case, I may be purchasing a new one soon! DRAT! Back soon with a niftier post.

Need a quick gifty/project? Check out Morah's cute luggage tag tutorial! I think I'm stash diving today. I have been wanting to make these ever since I saw hers last fall( or winter...I forget!). I may need one for vacation...:::Grin::::


Tracey in CT said…
I try to put the trash out after dinner on Wed. night for the Thursday am pickup. But I'm not very good at remembering, and often have to get out of bed to go haul the bins out to the street.
Putting them out in the morning is not even an option here, the pickup comes between 4:30 and 5:30 am, without fail.
scraphappy said…
It's not just you. The trash people don't come until 4:30 in the afternoon, but the recycling people are by at 6:45 exactly. We are usually up by then, but trying to make it out between the time you hear jingling and the time they pull up to the curb is no easy feat. I think the drivers must be used to people running out in their jammies yelling, "Wait for me!"
vtquilter said…
I had to laugh... if I was in charge of getting the garbage out I'd miss most weeks! Hubby puts it out Thursday night after dinner... I just have to remember to clean out the fridge that day before he rounds up the garbage. They get to our house between 7-8AM and are there for less than 2 minutes!
Michele said…
Oh, yeah.
The companion law is that if I forget to put the recycling out, that's the weekend I decide to weed out the filing cabinets and wind up with boxes of paper and not enough room in the bin.
Norma said…
In our development, they don't want the cans out before six the night before. Well, I got to do it when I remember it or it doesn't get done. So the great white hunter puts the can in front of the garage door before he goes to work so I will fall over it and remember to put it out. Now it just dawned on me that we have the can in our drive way well before six but just not on the curb. You can still see it, what a silly rule.

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