new header!

After two suggestions...I will comply! Here are my wonky letters as my header! I think they look great..BUT! I will try to get a new picture that is not blurry. This one is JUST blurry enought that I am considering taking my new glasses back to be adjusted! HA!

Want the good news first? or the bad news? ok...bad Diamondbacks lost AGAIN...AND they lost about 4 players to injuries. :::Sigh:::: we are not EVEN To the All Star break! GOOD NEWS? Kiddo's Little League team WON tonight! YIPPEEE! He played well...getting a sac bunt with an RBI to boot and a couple of great plays in field... ::::puffed up Mom's pride::: He has another game tomorrow...oh gee...i get to sit in the HEAT again! Some one has to do it...::::Grin::::

Back with quilty stuff tomorrow!


Jeanne said…
Sorry you Diamondbacks lost, but you do have Gibby on the bench. He was my favorite Tiger! *s* Glad you son's team won. Don't forget sunscreen. I love your widget telling the game times.
Jen said…
I'm NOT sorry that your Dbacks lost...cause my Crew won! Muah ha ha haha

I LOVE it as your header.
CatQuilter said…
I feel your pain! Look on the bright side, you could be a Reds fan, like me. WAAAAAAH!
scraphappy said…
I love the new header -- what a great use for wonky letters.
Tanya said…
Great header! You are too funny about that hair! I have tried that paper strip sewing and the strips came out so nice and even. The paper ripping was the pits however. What a mess!
Patti said…
Well, your Diamondbacks are at least not the worst team in baseball! OK - I guess my Mariners aren't either after last night's win. Now they have the next to the worst record in baseball. Can't believe how much better they are playing since the firings. All us fans wished they'd not waited so long into the season to do this. If the team keeps winning the way they are now I'm guessing John McLaren will NEVER get another managing job.

Go Mariners! Go Diamondbacks!

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