rain in Arizona

Now I know there are some of you out there that still believe that Arizona is like ...well...the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert. We DO have plants..and sometimes during the year, we have rainy seasons. ::::gasp!::: RAIN? Yup...rain. Night before last we had our first gully washer of the summer monsoon season. Look what I was treated to yesterday!!

This dog is not a pure white when he is clean...BUT...he does not have BROWN FEET EITHER! I had to spend 5 minutes gathering up towels and water to clean off his paws.
He knows what is coming and won't look me in the eye! he is so smart...

I know this is a brown towel (there is a method to my madness! muahahahahaha!), but he had mud ALL the way up into his pads! I finally had to put him outside and get a bucket of water. OOOh ..he was NOT happy with me! rotlf

We were able to eat breakfast with our older son and his girlfriend at Cracker Barrel yesterday. They left right afterwards for a weekend in Las Vegas. Oh , how I love to poke around in Cracker Barrel's shop! I don't buy much in there, but I love to look! This is what followed me home this time. I think it will look good on my white wall unit (see it there in the back?), but I have not found just the right spot yet.

Looks like I will be doing a sew along. I'm still piecing the top so you can see what it looks like. I should have fabric requirements and a picture of the top in a week or so. I am starting a commission quilt next week, so I would like to get my sewing end done, so I don't get distracted! (whoops! Too late...look at the doggie!)


Tanya said…
Oh, do I know about muddy dogs! And I've got the everyday rain to prove it too! Rainy season still hasn't ended and a short walk with our pooch ends with a rinse down from the hose. (She hates that too!) If she should get stuck out in the rain (heaven forbid, but there are days when I'm working and she is outside) then it is straight to the bathtub for her!
Cute dog, I am having the same trouble with my Archie-yesterday I had to give him a big clip just to get the mud out!
Love the sew along idea!-and the header, Tracey
Jeanne said…
I enjoy browsing through Cracker Barrel's gift area, too. Your apple is very cute. Your dog is cute, too, even with muddy feet.

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