200+ post

As a thank you for reading my blog for 200+ entries, I'm going to offer to do either a sew along or a mystery. Please vote your choice. There is no obligation to actually DO it if you vote. I would just like an idea of what others prefer. I will be doing mine in a red/white/blue colorway and will be showing you my choices soon. This will be offered in a lap size in hopes that you will donate one to the charity of your choice. Mine is Quilts of Valor

I spent my day doing..well..not much! I put BBQ wings in the crock pot..so not much cooking. I sat in the sewing room and watched TV...Clean Sweep and the Diamondbacks (get beat darn it!) I did enjoy picking fabrics for this sew along/mystery and sketching the design. I always did love colored pencils!


vtquilter said…
How about a mystery? I love watching them play out and one of these days I may even try to 'do' the mystery before it is solved.
Jen said…
I actually don't have a preference. I've yet to do either.
Jeanne said…
Congratulations on your 200th post! I think I would prefer the sew along this time.
Anonymous said…
I would love a sew a long- and I will donate to Project Linus so lap size is good for a little one.
Linda Kay
QuiltingFitzy said…
Would love to hear more about the wings in the crockpot, don't they fall apart?

Congrats on your 200th post! I'm indifferent about my vote, lol.

I've only gotten sprinkles for this monsoon season, can you believe it?!!
Jo-Ann said…
Congratulations on the 200th post.
Your blog is the best - I love to read it.
I'd prefer the sew-along over a mystery quilt.

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