Can you guess what this is? NO..its not a giant paper towel roll! Its an EMPTY batting roll! WOW! Now in all honesty, I did NOT purchase this as a full roll. The JoAnns by me was moving to a larger location (aLOT farther away darn it!) and had everything marked down.

And guess what THIS is?!? A BRAND NEW roll! JoAnns had it half price this weekend, so I bought a whole roll. I thought my husband was going to be a BIT perturbed..but when he found out it was 50% off, he just SMILED! I think he suspects that I will be SAILING thru this roll alot faster than the last one!

I'm working on the binding on the scrappy Delectable Mountains, so hope to show you that soon...and piecing a backing for a scrappy bargello a la
Bonnie that will go on the frame next. TODAY if I get going!


scraphappy said…
Wow, that is a lot of batting! I think you are wise to get it while it's on sale though. It's not as if it will go bad.
Jen said…
Nooooo, say it aint so!! It's still expensive at 50% off. Where by the way did you find a 50% off coupon?? I need one for a bolt of muslin.

Next time you need batting let me know; I've got a pretty inexpensive source!
Bethany said…
I want a roll of batting! I have a 50% off coupon too.

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