A To DO List...and a reward!

What parts of the quilting process do you ..well...AVOID like the plague? As much as I ADORE pieced backs, most the time I SLOG thru piecing them. I am much better at loading quilts on the frame. As with most everything else in life, the more you DO a task, the easier it becomes. Right now I'm wrestling with labels ( the making of them, not the sewing them on the quilt) and borders. ick Ick ICK! I have completed half of the blocks for the sew along. You see, I'm REALLY a piecer at heart. If I ever win the lottery, after I tithe, hire a full time housekeeper and purchase a long arm, I will find someone to put borders on my quilts and load them on the frame!

So, with all those blocks done,hankering to DIVE into the other half, I will require myself to:
1. make and pin a label on a completed quilt destined for the mail
2. finish the side borders on a scrappy bargello ( I need to try that panto again to fully embed it in my brain)
3. load said scrappy bargello and get to quilting it
4. THEN and only THEN may I start piecing the next set of blocks. I'm very anxious to show it to you. But, you know, just showing you ONE kind of blocks will not hack it! You need to see the WHOLE top to know if you want to sew along or not. I better get going! I have CHORES to do!


Norma said…
Are you still there? Should I drop by your place when we load up the ark? Bring your sewing things and we will just float away, sewintg all the way to where ever we find a dry spot!

Can you believe we got enough rain to close down the US 60 yesterday?

Let me know when you get that full time housekeeper so I will know that there is hope!
Patti said…
I think there will always be at least one step of the process that each of us dislikes. For me it was (1)basting, then (2) marking for quilting. Now I either don't baste at all or baste on the longarm for hand quilting - much easier! I still dislike marking - but it's been a LONG time since I had to mark a quilt for hand quilting. Did that a lot in the past when I had big empty spaces for quilting - don't do many quilts like that any more.

I have the label problem solved - just make sure you have a light fabric somewhere on the back of the quilt - then write the label with a Pigma pen, heat set it, and call it good! That's how most all my quilts are labeled.
Mary said…
For some reason loading a quilt on the longarm is one of my least favorite parts of the process.

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