I am a GREAT starter! I love the process of picking patterns, fabrics, modifying patterns and starting to sew! YIPPEEE! After a day or a week or so, reality HITS me! This is ALOT of work! lolol! I AM getting better..well..with Lucy's help! I started this BOM about 6 weeks ago. A new block is posted every other Monday. SO far I have kept up!

Block one

Block two

Block three

If you are interested, its a jelly roll BOM. (You can used your own 2 1/2 inch strips in place of a jelly roll...or even a nice set of FQ to start.) Head on over to Moose on the Porch if you would like to play along. All the links to pattern instructions are on the blog. You will have to scroll back a bit, but not too far. Come join the fun!


Angie said…
Hey girly! Where ya been? I thought about you when that earthquake hit...oddly enough, some friends and I had just been discussing when one would hit the US again and where, and waa laa, there it was. I'm glad you only got sloshed around! :) I love those blocks. I'm going to check that out. I'm so happy to see you---and hope you and yours had a fantastic Easter! :)
b davis said…
That's crazy about the earthquake. My parents are in the phx area and they were telling me all about it, too. I bet it was an eery feeling.

I am doing the quilt along, too. It is a lot of fun. Love your bright fabrics!

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