Pattern info

If you are interested in either of these patterns:

The wrapped candy quilt is called "How Sweet it is!"
McCalls Quilting magazine march/april issue Here is the link to a picture of the one in the magazine.

The Star quilt is from a Terry Atkinson book. I can find it if anyone would like to know.


Angie said…
Those two quilts are adorable! BTW, how are you, where ya been, is it hot there, yada yada yada...and in the midst of all of that----I've missed you! :D
b davis said…
I love that candy wrapper quilt. Just darling. Thank for the info on it. I am tempted to make one. :)
Alycia said…
So - I have been thinking on that star quilt for a long time - do you remember where you found it?

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