yes! I am busy!

I have been busy..and here is part of my proof! In the past 2 weeks, I have finished up the thread on all of these spools. Now, granted, some of these didn't have much LEFT on them! I had gotten a spool of Masterpiece at Road to California in 2010. I think the color is called Granite...a nice light grey. I do 99% of all my piecing with that. I ran out in February..and had planned to replace it when I went again this year. BUT..I didnt' go this year. A friend offered to put our orders together and so while I waited for it to arrive I had to scramble to find thread to use! I finished up some Aurifil...some Mettler...and then even some Coats and Clark! I know i have become a bit of a thread snob..but it worked JUST FINE thank you very much! I am happy to report I have a new cone of Granite...with a backup! WHEW! I'm SO relieved!

What do you like to have extra of for those 'just in case' times in your sewing room?


shannon said…
i like to have extra thread spools too. murphy's law is that i'll be piecing and run out at 3am in the morning when no stores are open :)

i also keep extra rotary blades on hand.

isn't it sastifing to empty a thread spool.

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