Monday, September 26, 2011

A strong case for prewashing fabric

I will admit freely...I'm a prewasher. I have been since the 1st quilt I freemotioned on my domestic sewing machine had the border fabric run all over the white background. When I found color catchers, I thought I was home free. NOT SO FAST GRASSHOPPER! Here is the top being quilted :

Notice all the off white and white fabrics. And here it is after washing. 1st wash: color catchers were NAVY BLUE. I think I ended up washing it about 6 times total. After the 1st wash, I used Synthropol and at least 2 color catchers. The deposited blue dye never faded. Lesson learned!

Here is the good news:
#1 its for my older son and he won't care
#2 I kinda like the way  it looks. Good thing as I cannot get that dye out now!

Lesson: When you prewash, use color catchers. If they come out NAVY BLUE, keep washing until they come out close to white. OR don't use that fabric! You have been warned! (oh, on the 1st wash? I used THREE color catcher and all 3 were navy blue)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You know you love your child when....

You fix his soccer sandal with Shoe-Goo...and the sandal smells MUCH worse than his soccer cleats. (which you cannot be in the same ROOM with...). Oh, and you hold the sandal together while the goo sets. YUCK!

(you can find Shoe Goo at WalMart by the shoe laces. Good for making repairs on soles and other things that fall off shoes. You can also put it on shoes to make them water proof. Well worth having around!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Whew! I think my slump is breaking AND the weather is cooling off. Now, I dont' want you to think its COOL here! I'm still in shorts and sitting under a fan...BUT! last night I had to wear pjs with sleeves (hey! my  shoulders get chilly!) and this morning was in the 70s. SO NICE!

On the quilting front, I got 2 quilts mailed. ( I know...I hope no one went into SHOCK or anything!). Its nice to have them on their way home. My friend has been MORE than patient with me. I almost had the 2nd one done, when my Uncle John passed away (Aug 1st).  With a quick trip to NY (as in a 48 hour door to door) and then another one a week and a half later (that one was 4 days...but I also did a 5 hour trip up state to Plattsburgh where he lived), I have been playing catch up. When I am stressed like that, it seems to take me longer to get my feet back under me. I hope I'm standing up now!

I purchased a set of red snappers from Renae Haddadin. It is a quick loading system for the long arm that uses NO PINS! I tried it last night and even for a 1st time, it was easy and quick. I will like no pins. So will the dogs and cat. While I attempt to keep them out while  I quilt...SOMETIMES one will slink in. When I'm down a dog, I might look into some type of gate. (Chewy will be going home with his mom in January) I have been using a quilt rack to keep them out of my sewing room. I cannot move around in there with 4 bodies hogging all the floor space. I need to add a panel on it so they cannot duck under the bars. Maybe some of that mesh..then they can see me, but  not get TO me. AH! ANOTHER PROJECT! (this is NOT a good thing!)

I have signed up for a Paper Organizing class over at simplify 101. I am hoping my  husband will do the lessons along with me. Setting up a good system is the hardest part! I'm also going to take a class on how to use PhotoShop Elements. I want to be able to send my quilting customers ideas on how I can quilt for them. Being able to manipulate pictures with add on drawings is my goal.  Between those two classes, a husband that travels, a son who is playing a high schools sport AND a club sport (not the same sport...that is against the rules!), volunteering 2 mornings a week (one sewing class, one Ladies Bible study running a camera), and quilting for others and myself.....I think I'm maxed out, don't you?!? Oh..I forgot...4 dogs, one ELDERLY cat (she just turned 19) and I"m co-executor for my uncle's will. Can you say CHAOS??? I think I need more than that Paper Organizing class! See you tomorrow...