I'm am SUCH a fan of Zits! They keep my sense of humor keen and the knowledge that I'm NOT ALONE fresh! Some days is the only thing that makes me laugh!

I'm still here! I have:kept 2 teen boys (plus friends at times) fed and driven to the appropriate activity. I have not lost either one literally or to malnutrition. The same cannot be said for my house tho. I spent a couple days last weekend prepping a wall hanging for our local guild show. The house fell into ruin soon there after!

 We are expecting a BOATLOAD of family next week. We are a big baseball family and our house is close to many (over 6) Spring training facilities. This year my husband's uncle will visit us from Kansas...and thus the exodus to Phoenix to see him AND baseball! My roller coaster ride starts next Tuesday and by the end on Friday we have: a game( That we will all attend. 10 tickets have been purchased and if we take the teens out of school that day, we will need more!), a cookout for said horde, trip to the airport to pick up daughter flying in from South Dakota, try to sleep (!). arise Sat am (in Shay terms thats : Oh dark 30- a play on military time keeping!) to take our Japanese exchange student to the airport (tour of DC and NYC over spring break)- plane takes off at 6:15!, and one more trip to take Uncle Pete to the airport around noon.  I am hoping to slip away for a long arm guild chapter meeting. We only have them every other month...and every other meeting has a program. And THIS program I want to see- IF I can stay awake!

I promise to blog again when coherent, after our company leaves. I'm not to the 'throw things into the garage to hide them' stage- YET! Our older son made noises about coming over to help me work in the garage. We can park cars out there, but thats about IT.

Thanks for visiting my blog...see you in a week

PS I promise pictures of the wall hanging in the show. I was SO behind, I only got one lousy picture with it draped over my sewing table. You cannot see the whole thing OR any of the quitling. Don't know what I was thinking! Oh yes - 'GET IT DELIVERED!'


Angie said…
Hang in there, girlfriend---it sounds like a lot of fun AND there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel. LOL
Andi said…
I'm going to the show on Saturday! I hope you make it to the LAQ meeting.

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