Eating dirt

I know we eat alot of dirt in our lifetimes. I just don't think I want to eat ALOT at once! This is what we were looking at last night. 

The sun was going down behind me....and in front of me was a summer high school baseball game (we were losing ....DRAT). Can you see that BROWN cloud behind the field? Its a huge dust storm. We get them every summer. Sometimes we get rain after. That depends on the humidity and if we have any thunderstorms roaming around. That weather lesson is for another day!

Here is another picture. You can see the leading edge of the dust. We watched it 'swallow' up the mountains in its way. And when it got close? I hightailed it for the car! I still felt like I had dirt in my teeth, hair, eyes... YUCK! We didn't get home till after 10pm (it was a double header....) and I had NO choice on whether I wanted to shower or not. I don't think there are many places that call games for a 'dust delay' but Arizona is one of them! I think I will mosey over to the car wash! lolol

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there. Prop your feet up and have a cold drink!


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