news! I have NEWS!

The end of Jan/1st of Feb, I went to a craft show with my good friend Miss Pat G. We hit all the booths, some we passed by. I don't need any crystals on my shirt, thank you very much! I did buy some fabric...not much. (have you SEEN my roomS?? lol), a pattern or two... a VERY frivolous headband (maybe I will blog about that tomorrow..stay tuned!)...oh...and a QUILT FRAME! No, I'm NOT going to hang my head in shame! I promptly put my Gammill up for sale on two online sites that advertise quilting machines/frames. Three weeks later, she is SOLD! I was not going to let myself get too excited about my new set up : a 22 inch Innova with Lightning stitch (digital stitch regulator) until Lucy found a new forever home. It was a good deal for both sides, so I'm very happy. New owner is local to me, so no shipping headaches. I will be happy when the switch is made. I cannot say I am unhappy with any of my upgrades. This will be the 3rd full set up I have had and the 1st one I changed machines. I think of it like getting a different car. Sometimes you just want something different. Sometime I will be taking a short trip to St Georges Utah for owners classes.

Lucy is leaving...she will be missed! is the 1st day of the spool swap countdown. I have started mine...but some have not. If you are interested, its only a 19 block committment. And TRUST me...they are like Lays potato chips! You can't make just ONE! Swapping day is April 26th, so there is plenty of time to jump in. There are a few spots still open. \
I have a BIG GRIN on my face


Anonymous said…
Yay! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth...not anonymous, it is Norma from Mesa......LOL One of those days.

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