a new member!

One of the ladies in my Thursday quilt group came in huffing and puffing. She had seen a SNAKE! a RATTLE SNAKE! We meet at a park education center..and well..its IS snake season. We just didnt' know the little guy wanted to join. He didn't even bring his sewing machine or supplies!
Looks like I"m not the only one who wanted

He was MAD at that door! I think we were riling him up as
he relaxed his head alot as we backed up and stopped
taking his picture. (there IS  a glass door between us..honest!)

they shooed him with a rake, picked him up with a
grabber and put him in this bucket. A smaller bucket was
used for a lid...
and off he went to his new home...
WAAAAAY out in the desert!
I hope we dont' meet again for AGES!


Anne said…
Eeeek is right! :oO
Pam Gagnier said…
Eeeeekk is right! AND, shortly after this one was relocated, another one was spotted on the other side of the building. Gotta love springtime at South Mountain Preserve!

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