What a trip! I thought I posted this in September!

Its official! I am a Wheaton mom! Sports Guy was delivered to campus a week early...to practice with his new college team! One of his dreams....

that was just the begining of the trip!

Chicago -> campus
campus -> St Charles MO (suburb of St Louis)
  - Cardinals baseball game
   -   drive thru neighborhood that Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra grew up in...right across the street from
  each other!
  - drive by confluence of Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Walking tour of locks on the river. (didn't see any  ships in it...we were disappointed                                           
 St Charles -> Waterviet IN
   -Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Waterviet ID -> Grand Rapids MI
 FRESH blueberry pie/peach pie on along the way
 -3 days at AQS Gd Rapids (classes with Jamie Wallen and Sherry Rogers-Harrison)/golf for DH
-visit with Friend Lily and her DH from Ontario Canada
Grand Rapids -> campus
 -feed up Sports Guy and his roommate
 -See scrimmage game- Sports guy got playing time
campus -> Kansas City
  -met up with DH brother from California
  -spent time with family : DH cousins and his uncle
  -lunch with 2 AOL quilt chat friends, 2 shop shop-hop!
Kansas City -> campus
 - DD joins us from TX
 -feed up Sports Guy
 -see 2 tournament soccer games: Sports Guy got playing time and a shot on goal (he is a defender!)
Campus to Midway airport to drop off DD...then to OHare for flight home

Get home, short grocery trip...quick dinner....MY OWN BED! WHEW! If you are counting..we stayed in 8 different hotels (2 in KC so we could be close to the airport for an early morning flight). I am glad to be home. Tomorrow I will show you all my goodies ....some quilty...some baseball..some just goodies!


Na Na said…
What a trip is right. That's a lot of going for a short time.
Andi said…
Hi Beth! Empty nest time?!? I am still here and still quilting :-)
Andi said…
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Vimax Canada said…
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Nora said…
That must be exhausting! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed your trip my friend. Just take good care of yourself.
Leo Herbalis said…
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Leo Herbalis said…
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