Anyone else having...nitpicky problems with Bloglines? I have alot of blogs on my list..but only about 6 I read FAITHFULLY! If you don't have bloglines, it is a page that keeps track of the blogs I have 'subscribed' to. It updates the page whenever those specific blogs have new posts. VERY nice not to have to read thru ALL of them to see if there is anything new. Lately, after I have read a blog, it shows the number of new posts as kidding...TWO HUNDRED. The next day, it shows the posts I read the day before as new. Doesn't that mean I'm reading them all ANYWAY? Where is the service in THAT? (Don't listen to me...I'm just nitpicking again!)

Don't you like this view?

Its just my husband playing basketball in the backyard with the kids...
I think he is schooling them too! WTG!


I used to use Bloglines but I switched to Google Reader when the problem you just described did not seem to get resolved.
Anonymous said…
Ya, it does that sometimes. But still handy to have.
Sweet P said…
I've had the same problem as you with Bloglines. I've learned if you hit the refresh button on your browser the number of new entries will readjust.

Your DH looks like he is having fun!

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