I knew it had been awhile since I posted..but I didn't think it was THAT long!I believe we have had full sports weekends since I posted...I guess I have been using my WEEKDAYS to catch up from the weekends! This weekend is not different. We have had sports kids for over 21 years..but this overlap of sports always catches me by surprise! It will probably be at least another month before we have a whole weekend OFF. Heck, I would take a SUNDAY off and be happy! :::SIGH:::::

I have been trying to carve out a bit of sewing time each day. I have a Matchstick Marimba off the frame and bound. This is that quilt on the first attempt at a new pantograph called Plumage. I like it alot...but will be using it again next to get it down to a routine. I had a bit of trouble with spacing. The finished quilt is still living in the car till I get all the threads buried. I am hoping to load a baby quilt and get it ready for binding. We have a soccer tournament this weekend : PRIME hand binding time!

Doesn't this sweet innocent face look like he is encarcerated???? WELL! He got himself IN there...

He yipped and yowled for a bit...and TRIED to get himself OUT! He is alot of fun...and alot of WORK too! Back to work for me!


Jen said…
Omg he is tooo cute!! I've missed you Beth!
Lynn Douglass said…
I LOVE that color of blue, and the quilting looks very nice! Your little furry friend is quite funny!

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