burying threads

When I was working on my last group quilt, I had a TON of starts and stops. I tried to lock my threads as much as possible (that means to take a few little stitches at the start and end of quilting so you 'lock' those stitches), but I still had alot of threads I was not comfy trimming. I also had some small threads to bury. THOSE can be a pain, but I found a quick easy way to bury those too. So here is a small tutorial on burying long AND short threads.

Here is a long tail. Tug on the thread where it enters the fabric. There should
be a small hole.

Insert your needle in that hole...bring your needle out about an inch or so away. If you have gone RIGHT in that hole, you should not be able to see any of the thread where your needle entered. trim thread. Tomorrow I will post the short thread tip.


Ruthie said…
I use self-threading needles much the same way.

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