:::;tap tap tap:::; Is this thing ON? I have the feeling I am missing something...that odd feeling...I didn't miss a birthday (at least not YET..give me time!)...no missed dentist/orthodontist/doctor visits....no missed soccer practice, quilting group/guild/meeting. We SURELY have not missed any MEALS! (ROTLF)

I'VE GOT IT! I missed posting steps for the round tote! Not once but TWICE! I'm SO SORRY...just for that, I will post 2 steps TODAY. And here is the 1st one:

After you top stitch along the seam on the pocket, get out what ever it is you might want to stash in said pocket. mark with a pencil or chalk wheel. Here is mine marked.

Stitch these lines. I did these in black, so you might JUST be able to see it! Be sure you are only stitching thru the LINING. Don't stitch thru the quilted bag body. (ask me how I know!) I'm off to see how much I need for a paper back book and a water bottle.

Back later or tomorrow for the 2nd step of the weekend. I wish I can grabbed my camera so you could see all the CUTE CUTE totes that showed up at my Lunch Bunch this week. SO CLEVER! And MORE ideas for handles..you will have a hard time choosing! Me too...


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