I'm so thankful for my quilting

Yesterday I attended the memorial service for a dear friend. We met when our husbands were active duty AF. She was one of those people who was larger than life. Blunt (but not hurtful), funny, opinionated, practical.... I didn't see her regularly but when I did, it felt like I had seen her yesterday. She attended one of my quilt classes in March (altho I found out yesterday, it was NOT an easy process for her! She was VERY frustrated! lolol). She had a major stroke the day before Thanksgiving and passed away a week later. She was 56. I'm heartbroken. The Christmas tasks I have yet to finish are a priority, and yet...I feel like my spirit is quiet. I love hearing the Christmas carols and songs, but I don't join in. (usually my family cannot get me to shut up!) My quilting room is a solace. Jan would understand.

Sorry for this somber post. I just could not let her passing go unnoticed by me.
Hug your loved ones and put aside your quarrels. Thanks for listening.


Chocolate Cat said…
Oh Beth, 56 is so young. Although it would be sad at any time of year it must be terrible during the holidays for her family and friends. A timely reminder to love your family and friends and tell them so, I will do that today. Look after yourself xx
I'm so sorry, Beth. Sending virtual hugs to you.
Angie said…
Oh Beth, I'm so very sorry. I hope that you can find solace and peace, girlfriend. Hugs, Angie
Beth, I know that feeling so well. Not really sad, just reflective of the things we remember and will miss now that they are gone.

Hugs to you!

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