National Mutt Day

Did you know that today is

National Mutt Day? I'm proud to be 'owned' by three of my own. Rally gets 2 pictures because he looks guilty so well! (and most of the times he LOOKS guilty, he IS guilty! Today I didnt' even know there was a problem..but I went LOOKING for one...because he had his hang dog look on! Too funny! The other 2 are not blameless..they follow along and get in PLENTY of trouble right behind him....)

Rookie, man of the 4 month 'adventure'

Rally, terrier of undetermined lineage, surfer of cat box (sorry...but he does, the rascal), lover of all things 'squeeky ball', and ball catcher extraodinaire!

And last but not least...Buddy...pesterer, lap sitter, couch sneaker, heel nipper and most vocal of the three....

TA DA! There you have it mutt haven!


Cindy said…
Happy National Mutt Day from my Mutt to yours/
Angie said…
I had no idea that yesterday was National Mutt Day...that is cause for a celebration...:D so what if it's a day late, right? ROFL I love seeing pictures of your mutts. :D

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