Coach's present

Well! after 3 days and 3 sports banquets, I 'm banqueted out! Who knew that High school coaches were so long winded! I bet the kids do! rotlf!

At the end of the soccer season, I sneaked in a signing session with the boys varsity soccer team. I had fused some white muslin onto freezer paper. The boys were to sign their name, their jersey # and the year they graduate. I did BIG BLACK lines for them to sign  INSIDE. (can you see where I'm going on this?). I had to do some finageling (sp?) to get some of those names on the pillow top..and why its not SQUARE!  I made a pillow form just for this pillow. I like how it turned out and the coach did too. The team picture was printed on Printed Treasures fabric. (that head in the middle is a coach standing in the usual, I finished it about 20 mins before we left and forgot to snap a picture at home. SOMEDAY I will get my act together..and then LOSE IT for sure.... ::::Sigh:::)

This is the back of the pillow. I scanned the cougar, enlarged it on my home computer and used wonder under. I stitched along the raw edges. This pillow will probably not be washed , so we are good there. I really like how it turned out and will use this particular cougar head again. I saved my pattern. I may even use it on a t-shirt quilt I'm starting on today. Could be a marathon as the grad is having a party on Saturday. I would LOVE to have it done to gift to him then! ...And ..we're OFF!


Desley said…
The cougar head is really cool. What a great memory pillow you have made.
fancystitching said…
Really nice gift! I totally understand about the "signing within the lines" thing. Why don't people just FOLLOW DIRECTIONS? That is a NOVEL idea!

Love it! Brilliant idea and looks great. I really love the QOV, (was it??) a few posts back, stunning job!! Tracey

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