off the frame

Here is my latest finish. It came off the quilt just before the Pillow Extravaganza! My friend Pat No Blog pieced it and gave me free rein on what to quilt on it. First quilt that I have know EXACTLY how I wanted to quilt it when I saw it! I think she plans on binding it in the border fabric. The whole quilt is quilted in in light blue and the borders in pink

I'm not sure why, but Blogger decided to turn all my pictures 90 degrees. Good thing its not a directional quilt!


Mary said…
Very nice, some quilts I know right away what will look good, others I agonize over!!

I use a lot of permacore too, the solids work well with my scrap quilts and the thread is nether too thin or too heavy.
Linda said…
Quilting is so pretty! Perfect for the quilt! You did such a wonderful job!

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