on the frame

Here is today's frame offering. It is another top from Cathy, the owner of that last cute embroidery baby quilt. Here is a picture of a pieced block...

Here you can see the quilting. Its called 'wonky feathers'. I learned it from The Pajama Quilter. She has
2 DVDs out. I only have the 1st one, but the 2nd one is on my Christmas list!
She is very encouraging and gives lots of cute quilting ideas. She is the one
that started me off with practicing my designs on a white board. (just one tip I learned the HARD way! USE LOW ODOR DRY ERASE MARKERS!)

This is going pretty fast. I  have lots in my queue, so I"m glad that my quilting mojo is back with a vengeance!
Thanks for stopping by!


Deb Levy said…
Looking wonderful Beth!
Mary said…
Your feathers look lovely. Wonky feathers are the only allover feathers I can quilt and they always seem to turn out well.
Alycia said…
nice job!!!

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