One main reason I have been lost in space? Along with Sports Guy, we have a Japanese exchange student, Mr S with us this semester. They are nice to each other most of the time, but on THIS trip, they are acting like BROTHERS! AACCCKKKK! I have done brothers, and sometimes I dont' like it! They are always poking each other, taking each others things, and generally making each others lives miserable. And , they seem to LIKE that! I"m so confused!

Day 1 Sports Guy , Mr S and I drove to southern CA and look who we found at the airport in Ontario?

He LOOKS like he is rearranging our packing job, but NO! he is just adding HIS suitcase to the mix! Watch out...he may get mistaken for a Sky Cap! Don't laugh! It has happened before! What an ego deflater! We are OFF!


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