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One more story about YESTERDAY...( you can get ready for less soccer stories..they lost today 5 to ZIP! Ugh..not a great way to end the season...)

Coach wants the boys on the field, ready to go, an hour before game time. They spend most of that time warming up and stretching. Some short drills..We dropped Sports Guy off and since it was getting  hot, decided we didnt' want to sit by the field (yet) so we would go to Starbucks. As he got out, the car beeped. After he shut the back gate, it quit and off we went. Took us about 10 mins to FIND a Starbucks (even with a smart phone!)..the one we were headed for, while still THERE, was closed for remodeling. Dh decided he wanted to stretch his legs, so he and Sports Guy's buddy, Swimmer, got out. I complained that he left me in the car with the windows rolled up. As he walked away, he said 'you can put them down, you have the key.'  ...hello? WHAT? I dont' have a key!? He had car troubles last week and I barely got a vehicle to take anywhere. I sat...dumped out my hand work project purse...NO KEY.
I tried to start the car. All you  need to do , when there is a remote in the car, is push the start button. If you dont' have your foot on the brake, then the accessories come on (and hence the windows would come down) ...NADA. DH and friend return with drinks...DH tries...NADA. Called Sports Guy. Do YOU have a key to this car. Well, YES I do. What do you want ME to do about it??? Find the key...find an adult from our team, hand them the phone with ME on it ..and the KEY! SHEESH! (I want you to start hoofing it over here to get us...) The moral of this story is: If you dont' have the key in the car, DON"T TURN IT OFF! lolol...the end

PS a nice soccer mom came to our rescue and would not even let us buy her a drink! Time to keep my 'pay it forward' eye out...


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