Off to soccer

Can you BELIEVE it? OUR family? at a soccer game? You must have us mistaken with ANOTHER family!? HA! I'm not sure I can handle NOT going to a game every weekend!

I wish I had a picture..but the cutest thing happened this morning on our way to Sports Guy's State Cup game (against his best friends team I might add...UGH!) We were on the freeway, when Sports Guy's buddy( who spent the night..not the same friend, this one lives across the street and is a swimmer), said "Um...I think the ladies in the car next to us are trying to get your attention." As a matter of fact..there were 3 ladies in that car all trying to wave at me. When they got my attention, one lady mimed sewing with needle and thread (ie Quilting!). If you have read my blog long enough, I blogged about my quilty license plate.  The ladies had apparently read and understood my plate...and were quilters themselves. They looked so proud that they 'got it'. All 3 men in my car kinda rolled their eyes...They better WATCH it. Any more eye rolling and I will stop cooking ...
HARRUMPH! (hehehehhe!)


phxquilt said…
Now that's a perfectly good response to eye rolling!

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