busy week!

Sorry about no post..My week FLEW by! Here in AZ the kids were taking yearly standardized tests. Terra Nova for the little ones and AIMS for the bigger ones. The parent group at school served fresh fruit plates each day for their nutrition breaks. On Friday, they got strawberries and cream...YUM! If I don't see fresh fruit for a week or so, I will be happy!

On Wednesday, I found myself in a 1st grade class. I have done this project before...its alot of work for me, but SO worth it for the kids! They LOVE it!

Fabric hand prints on muslin...one...

Hanging up to dry....can you tell what it is?

Hurry those feet to the sink and WASH THOSE HANDS! I would not be popular if fabric paint came home on clothes!

Here is the finished product! I have alot of work to do! I sandwich batting and another layer of muslin...and quilt around the heart. Then sashing..and backing. The kids help stuff and I stitch them closed. They decorated bags while they were waiting for their turn to paint. I had two GREAT helpers. I showed them once and they just took off! All I had to do was help wash hands and tie/untie aprons. We did 25 kids in less than one hour! The prints were left to dry over night and I picked them up on Thursday. I will work on them this week and hope to take them to stuff the week after.

Here is the book that inspired the ideas. It made me run around looking for little hands to print! lolol

I was cleaning out the front seat of my van (kiddo moved up from the backseat this week...BIG Move as I had always made him sit in the back!)and I found this reciept. LOOK what was at the bottom! I"M NOT THAT OLD! and I DON"T LOOK THAT OLD! HARUMPH! Kiddo thought it was HILARIOUS. I didn't crack a smile...I guess I'm glad to save the money...:::grumble:::::


Norma said…
This post brought back a lot of memories to this former first grade teacher's aide. At Thanksgiving every year, we used to make a place mat of a turkey. The feathers were the kids foot prints. So guess who got to do the feathers! We would dip a foot, print, wash off, dip in another color, wash...six times per kid. We did it outside in the sun and I always went home with a killer headache. But, seeing all those turkeys on the wall afterward made it worth it. You are a good lady!
Amelia said…
How exciting...that is something I should do with my youngest grandson.

Amelia in Oklahoma
QuiltingFitzy said…
Heck, Wendy's gives a 10% discount at age 50. We ask for the "geezer discount", cracks the servers up!
I'd take a senior discount anytime. Sometimes I take my hubby places with me, just so I can get one....sad, huh? hehehehe
What a cool project!! I think I would just take the discount and go buy fabrics... I defineatly KNOW you don't qualify!!!
Juryizstillout said…
Hey, they've already tried to send me an AARP card, but I am about 5 years out, so don't feel bad.

I joined your ring, the Prolific Quilters...sorry I'm just letting you know that!

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